Our Mission

Hopewood is a nonprofit, Christian organization dedicated to offering opportunities for personal renewal and spiritual refreshment and to assist those seeking wholeness and deeper intimacy with God.

Our Vision

Recognizing that Jesus Himself needed to periodically go away to a quiet place, the vision of Hopewood is to help people who are distracted by the frantic pace of life find the privacy, serenity and support they need for spiritual refreshment, restoration and direction.   A variety of  retreats will be offered, both structured and unstructured,  including Bible studies, workshops, days of prayer and silent retreats.  

Our Name

Reflecting upon the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we recall that He was the son of a carpenter and probably spent many of his early days on earth working with wood.  How ironic that this very material would one day be used for his Cross--His instrument of suffering as He died for the sins of the world.  Yet, this unlikely object has become our symbol of hope.  The cross is our “hopewood.”  It is there, at the cross, that we find our healing, peace and freedom.  It is our prayer that Hopewood Retreat Ministries will help people “take up their cross” and follow Him and experience the new life found only in Him.