Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue Self-Assessment
_____I have taken an increased number of sick days 
_____I have been feeling physically ill 
_____I have been feeling fatigued 
_____I have been feeling keyed-up and nervous 
_____I am doing less rather than more exercise 
_____Normal sleep has been more difficult for me 
_____I have lost enjoyment in intimate and sexual activities Psychological Symptoms/Emotional Symptoms

_____I have noticed myself being more cynical and pessimistic 
_____I have noticed that I was trying to avoid feelings by numbing or shutting down 
_____I have had work-related nightmares/bad dreams 
_____I have lost interest and enjoyment in activities I usually enjoy 
_____I have difficulty in making decisions or seem to be making bad decisions lately 
_____I feel like I have lost some of my self esteem 
_____I have feelings of despair and hopelessness 
_____I have lost my sense of humor 
_____I have been feeling flat, depressed and hopeless more than I used to 
_____I have been more angry and irritable than normal 
_____I am having trouble finding hope 
_____I have felt overwhelmed more than three times in the past week Spiritual Symptoms 
_____I am less connected to my spiritual and religious beliefs than I used to be 
_____I have been avoiding spending time with my friends and family 
_____I have less interest in participating in religious activities 
_____I fear for the safety of myself and my loved ones 
_____I have had a lack of time for self 
_____I find it difficult to trust others 
_____I find it more difficult to practice my faith in any meaningful way Professional Symptoms 
_____I have anger directed toward my supervisors and/or supervisors 
_____I have been unable to get work related thoughts out of my head 
_____I have had unwanted memories pop up in my head of past events from work 
_____My productivity at work has been reduced 
_____I have moments of dread when thinking about going to work 
_____I have felt like quitting my job more than once 
_____I find the small annoyances getting in the way of my enjoyment of work 

Five or more checked could indicate that you are suffering from compassion fatigue.